The best massage guns of 2022 for home use 

Mini Handheld Massage Gun

  • If you’re looking for an alternative way to help your muscles recover, you might be in the market for a massage gun. You know, one of those things that looks like a cordless drill with a tennis ball on the end that all the athletes seem to be using on Instagram? That said, the best massage guns on the market are actually far more technical than that. These handheld massagers are used to help reduce muscle soreness and muscle tension through quick pulses of pressure that promote blood flow.
  • When using a massage gun, the motorized percussion penetrates into deep muscle tissue so muscles relax after 30 seconds or so of use—often without you having to apply much pressure to the skin. Since many of these best massage guns are hand-held with several attachments, you can give yourself a massage on hard-to-reach areas without having to visit a massage parlor or ask a partner to give you a massage.

If you’ve ever been to physical therapy or had a masseuse or sports trainer work on your muscles, you may have received this form of massage therapy in a clinical setting. Now you can enjoy the muscle recovery benefits of massage guns from the comfort of home, any time you want since more companies are making them accessible for everyday pain relief.

The best massage gun you can buy today

Theragun Elite

  • Handheld Electric Body Massagers

  • Sports Drill for Athletes Pain Relief&Relax

  • Super Quiet Cordless Brushless Motor 

  • 20 Speed Level

  • PPM: 2,400
  • Noise level: 60-70 decibels
  • Battery life: 120 minutes
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds

Reasons to buy :

  • Ergonomic multi-grip design
  • Closed-cell foam attachments are less painful
  • QX65 motor allows for 40lbs of pressure without stalling or recoiling
  • Comprehensive Therabody app
  • Two hour battery life 

The Theragun Elite may be costly, but it’s a worthwhile investment that can help anyone to move — and feel — better.  The Theragun Elite is a Porsche among massage guns, with a price that’s topped only by another Theragun model (the Theragun Pro).  One thing we loved about the Elite is that it can be held in various ways, allowing users to apply pressure more efficiently and comfortably. Our tester found this multi-grip design especially helpful when targeting hard-to-reach spots, like the lower back and hamstrings.

The Elite, its five attachments, and a power adapter come boxed inside of a hard shell carrying case with various storage compartments. It’s bulky and would take up a considerable amount of room in your gym bag or suitcase. That being said, if we’re paying almost $400 for a massage gun, we’d prefer to have a case that’s bulky and protective over one that’s flimsy and compact. If you’re looking for a massage gun with better portability, take a look at the Theragun Mini.

The battery life is also pretty impressive on the Elite — one full charge of the battery can get you up to two hours of operation. We also found it doesn’t take the Elite long to fully charge, making it a handy option for anyone using the massage gun as a regular part of their recovery routine.

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You might think a hefty price tag would indicate that the Theragun Elite should be reserved for those ready to run their fifth triathlon, but we would argue the opposite. Because of the Therabody App, which provides step-by-step guidance and personalized programming, the Elite is an excellent choice for someone who hasn’t thought about their muscles since high school anatomy class